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    Polyethylene (PE) pipe, more commonly known as Poly Pipe is widely used over many industries. The pipe is popular due to its flexibility, strength, durability and low weight. Therefore saving you in transportation, assembly and installation costs long-term. Applications include: irrigation supply, reticulation, sewer systems over domestic, commercial and industrial water supply.
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    PVC Pipe & Fittings Online – Quality Australian Manufactured Pipe

    Buy PVC pipe with confidence knowing we only supply Australian Made Pipe. Stocked from trusted, local manufacturers such as iPlex Pipelines and Pipemakers Pty Ltd. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe & fittings have many uses in industrial, commercial and domestic projects all over the world. Due to being dependable, cost-effective and light-weight material, while also easy to install and chemical resistant. PVC has many applications in: Domestic - irrigation & stormwater drainage, Commercial - effluent sewage systems & potable water also Industrial - pipelines for gas & mining. With Australia-wide delivery on our PVC Pressure, Stormwater, Drain Waste & Vent (DWV), Slotted and Downpipe why wait? Buy now and select from our wide range of pipe and fittings for your next job, project or contract. Please Note: PVC Pipe Sizes are commonly classified by Nominal Bore (NB). These numbers are not the true measurements of pipe size, only the classification name (nominal) of that particular class of pipe. For example: Pressure Pipe 20mm, Class 12 may actually measure 27mm in diameter! Therefore something to keep in mind when identifying or measuring pipe sizes to create or replace your systems.
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