Rural Poly Pipe (Green Line)

Rural Poly Pipe (Green Line)


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Rural Poly Pipe (Green Line) is designed for Maximum pressure of 800 kPa for rural applications.

PE pipes are easy to install with their light weight and long lengths. The flexibility of polyethylene allows PE pipe to be laid to follow natural earth contours or bend around obstacles. The pipe will also withstand normal earth movement and vibrations and will not become brittle even at low temperatures. PE pipes are stabilised against ultra violet (UV) light degradation by the inclusion of carbon black in the material. PE pipes are therefore suitable for installations where the pipes are exposed to direct sunlight.

Both Greenline and Redline pipes use Rural Compression fittings, and are NOT compatible with Metric Compression fittings.

Prices are ex. WA, please contact us for prices outside of WA and to check product availability.

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Poly Pipe Options

(Green Line) 1" 200m, (Green Line) 1 1/4" 150m, (Green Line) 1 1/2" 150m, (Green Line) 2" 100m, (Green Line) 2" 200m


Perth Irrigation and Plumbing


200m, 150m, 100m


1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2"