Galcon 2-Way Alternating Valve for 9001 Tap Timer

Galcon 2-Way Alternating Valve for 9001 Tap Timer


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Two 20mm male outlets

Maximum flow 1200 Lph – flow rate above 1200lph will blow timer off tap

Minumum Flow 100 Lph – flow rate below 100lph will prevent timer from closing

Maximum working pressure 800kPa – do not install above 800kPa Minimum working pressure

100kPa – do not install below 100kPa


Activation of a watering cycle by the 9001D will allow water to flow from one outlet. Subsequent activations by the 9001D will switch the outlet ports. No more than one outlet port open at any time Example – controller starts at 6:30am one port will open, next controller start time will open the opposite port. The red arrow indicates next open port


Hand tight the two port valve onto 9001D outlet only. To allign the two port valve hand rotate anticlockwise with red arrow facing outwards. Using wrench or vice grips may force the two port valve to jump out of outlet thread voiding warranty

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Weight 0.228 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 150 mm