Slotted DWV Pipe

Slotted DWV Pipe


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Slotted PVC Pipe Suppliers

Slotted DWV pipe and perforated pipes have a broad range of use in subsurface drainage systems. They are effective when used for drainage purposes such as in sports fields, roads, airports, agricultural fields and podium gardens among more. The slotted PVC pipe and perforated PVC pipes are available in 20mm to 400mm diameter size.

High performance slotted PVC pipe are made from the present fabrication technology to give a compliant range of PVC pipes that have a remarkable strength to withstand the conditions. The slotted PVC pipes are available either full threaded or slip joints. With the perfect material for to serve the intended purpose, they can be slotted depending on the specifications.

Different types of PVC Pipe We Sell

Perforated PVC pipe

These tubes are made from polyvinyl chloride to give a variety perforated pipes that are flawless and meet the required standards to perform the required functionalities. The diameter is within the norm range of 20 t0 400 millimeters. They are known to withstand high pressure, and most of them have to pass through a pressure test among other tests like uniformity and hydrostatic tests.

PVC Well Casings

Well casings made of PVC are intended for lining up wells for drinking water. Just like other PVC materials, they are applicable in areas where the temperature does not exceed 140o F. Well casing PVC is a piping material that has proved to be robust and it has been designed to withstand high collapsing pressure that is there while an underground well is being installed.

There is flexibility in design issues for a variety of slot openings, different diameters, and thicknesses that allow the well designer to design based on the precise requirements. PVC well casings are made to last for long and withstand beneath conditions.

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100mm, 150mm




100mm, 2 row 40th (1.1mm), 100mm, 2 row 80th (2.2mm), 100mm, 5 row 20th (0.51mm), 150mm, 2 row 40th (1.1mm), 150mm, 2 row 80th (2.2mm)